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Wide area coverage
A wide branch network all over the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan allows delivery to any settlement.
Joint planning
Searching for mutually beneficial terms of cooperation with suppliers and contract planning ensure maximum benefit from collaboration.
Availability of GDP certificates
GDP certificate guarantees the availability of high-quality and safe medicines, medical equipment, and medical products.
Support in promotion
Our highly professional sales managers with many years of experience contribute to effective goods promotion on the market.
Inventory control
100% of goods are sustainably available in all company’s warehouses for all commercial market participants.


UNICUS, Brand Support and Promotion Department

UNICUS is an Amanat structural unit engaged in brand support and promotion in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5 Key Activity Areas

  • Promotion of over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements.
  • Promotion of prescription drugs.
  • Promotion of products for moms and babies.
  • Promotion of cosmetics and beauty care products.
  • Promotion of branded medical devices sold in pharmacies.
60 actively promoted contracts
75 medical and sales representatives all over the Republic of Kazakhstan
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